30 day music making challenge so that you get creative, flexible musical activities to do for 30 days total

30 Day Music Making Challenge

Want to know more first?

As a parent of young children, you most likely already know the benefits that music offers your child. And while you want to make music with your child more often, you just aren’t sure where to begin. Perhaps, you’ve even asked yourself, “What musical activities are there other than singing?”.

Research tells us that you – the parents – are your child’s first and most important teacher. Don’t second guess yourself or leave it up to some CD or DVD to teach your child music!

This challenge is created specifically for parents who want to introduce their children to music from the very beginning, those who want to build a special bond with their child, and those that just need a simple nudge in the right direction. This 30 Day Music Making Challenge is an 8-page, mini eBook that gives you prompts for music making – each and every day!

As a parent myself, I fully understand that you are also incredibly busy, multi-tasking just to get the bases covered each day. You don’t need complete lesson plans that take 30 minutes to complete. You need quick, simple activities that can generally be done in less than 10 minutes. And, preferably, you’d like activities that require little to no set-up!

Then, look no further! Because, these musical activities are incredibly easy to incorporate into your existing daily schedule.

This 30 Day Music Making Challenge was created with you in mind!

Unlike other simple, 1-page challenges with no additional guidance, this mini eBook is jam-packed with ideas, inspiration, as well as links to helpful material and selected, high-quality musical examples to get you started. There are so many ideas that no two days have to be alike! 

This challenge will give you:


Each task is created with ease, simplicity, and your schedule in mind. I am confident that any parent can participate in this challenge – even if you have no musical training or background. 

So, if you are ready to finally start with simple and fun activities that engage your child musically, sign up now!

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