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If you are like my readers here, then you are a dedicated parent, who wants the absolute best start for their child. In fact, you probably already know that music can greatly benefit your child. But perhaps you just aren’t quite sure how to go about making music with your child. 

My name is Liz, and I’m the creator here at MMP. If you want to give your child all the best start with music, but aren’t sure what there is beyond singing, then you are in the right spot. Music is hardwired in humans and it is something that anyone can pass along music to their children – regardless of your musical background or training. Musical parenting is simply becoming aware of the vast number of musical experiences you can offer your child!

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Simple Music Activities for babies - A father holds his baby while listening to some music.

What is musical parenting? 

Musical parenting is simply becoming aware of the vast number of opportunities you have as parents to encourage, develop, and support the musical interests of your young child. Young children are born to be inquisitive and try out new things – music included. As parents, you have a unique opportunity to encourage these musical interests from the very beginning.  

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